These new times that we live in are challenging, forcing us to adapt, testing our commitment and resilience.

We have the pleasure that our guests can enjoy Casa do Canto with the greatest tranquility, safety, hygiene and comfort. This is our priority.

In this way and to guarantee the greatest possible protection, our employees are certified with the “Clean and Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal, receiving specific training on the outbreak of COVID-19, which includes the procedures below.

At home

Before guests enter, the house is disinfected. The objects are disinfected with duly certified products and all common clothes are changed and washed at 60º.

We have disinfectant dispensers with at least 70% alcohol at the entrance to the room, as well as in the living room / kitchen.

We created a “dirty” place at the entrance to the House, where guests can take off their shoes, and can use slippers made available to walk around the house.


Our employees avoid all close contact with guests, handshakes and kisses.

Everyone checks their body temperature, cough and breathing daily.

Take special care in hand hygiene, washing them frequently with soap and water and using disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol.

Coughing or sneezing is supported with a flexed forearm, always cleaning your hands after every episode.